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Culitrade is a culinary marketplace of independent foodservice dealers. Culitrade dealers are small businesses who have deep restaurant and hospitality industry knowledge.

Owned by food service dealers – experts in supplies and equipment
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Discover the heart and soul of Grady's Foodservice, a family-owned gem since 1942, nestled in the vibrant community of Pueblo, Colorado. More than just a supplier, Grady's brings a familial touch to every transaction, understanding that behind every kitchen is a team, a dream, and a passion for food. With a legacy built on close-knit relationships and personalized service, they curate a selection of kitchen equipment and supplies that resonate with the needs of small businesses and culinary enthusiasts alike. On Culitrade, Grady's stands out for their commitment to quality, their rich history of excellence, and their dedication to helping every kitchen tell its unique story. Join the family and let Grady's equip your culinary journey with a touch of tradition and a dash of innovation.

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Our learning center has the support you need. From how to run more profitable and efficient food service operations, to selecting the right food preparation supply products and equipment, to seasonal inspiration, the Culitrade learning center has the information you want.

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Culitrade specializes in kitchen tools, equipment, and serving ware for independent restaurants. We have a wide variety of products to support restaurants, bars, schools, correctional facilities, institutions, health care, clubs, churches, cafeterias, retail, hospitality, and residential customers.

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